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Laura J. Crawford offers Brazilian waxing and electrolysis for both women and men -- with an expert approach that minimizes pain while maximizing results.

Laura was one of the first estheticians in Louisville to offer Brazilian waxing and has seen a steady increase in the trend toward private body hair removal.

Many people start out shaving -- something that often leads to painful, ingrown hairs and sometimes even to foliculitis -- an infection of the hair folicles. Also, shaving leaves stubble that can be abrasive like sandpaper and cause discomfort during private encounters.

A Brazilian wax offers a solution -- by removing hair from the roots, the treatment leaves the skin absolutely smooth and it lasts for weeks before the hairs grow back in slowly and naturally soft.

Laura offers affordable Brazilian treatments at competitive prices inside a totally private, spacious studio room at Brooks & Co. Salon & Spa, where she pays the utmost care to use sterile materials and procedures. Hollywood and Rio style Brazillian waxes are available!

Clients are encouraged to schedule routine appointments every three to five weeks to keep the area looking clean, sexy and smooth. Treating such light regrowth can take 15 minutes or less so clients returning within five weeks get their treatments at a discount.

First-time clients also can qualify for a 50 percent discount if they come in with a friend or family member who receives a similar treatment. Call the salon to set up an appointment and print out the coupon HERE.


Also, gift certificates are always available through the salon for Laura's hair removal services.

Getting a Brazilian eliminates odor-trapping hair, unsightly gray hair and makes things down there generally more hygenic. Laura says it can leave you looking younger and more attractive, "not to mention that you feel sexier without the hair."

Brazilian Waxing Services Price List
Effective January 1, 2017
Rates are for Laura Crawford ONLY
They DO NOT APPLY to other stylists and technicians
at Brooks & Co. Salon and Spa
For Laura's Other Waxing Service Prices Click HERE
Service Cost Service Time  
For Women ...      
Bikini French Wax $45 15 minutes  
Brazilian Wax (bare or semi-bare) New or Repeat Client Over 5 weeks since last wax $55 30 minutes  
Brazilian Re-waxing under 5 weeks since last wax $47 15 minutes  
For Men ...      
Male Brazilian Wax (extra time factor for men) $100 45-60 minutes  

Rates are for Laura Crawford ONLY
They DO NOT APPLY to other stylists and technicians
at Brooks & Co. Salon and Spa


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