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  Information that's IMPORTANT to know before starting electrolysis treatments

Before you begin electrolysis treatments it's important to think about a few issues -- questions that only you can answer either during a FREE 15-minute consultation or by e-mailing the information to Laura in advance of your first appointment. This will help narrow down the course of treatment, including how often and how long your appointment times need to be initially.

I must tell you up front that this is NOT A ONE-TIME SERIES OF TREATMENTS.

Your treatments will gradually become shorter and further between visits with followup appointments!
And after a year and a half of recommended treatments you will have 60-90% less hair! And whatever hair remains will need further treatments until they too are gone!

  Things to think about and consider in advance of your first electrolysis appointment:

1. What areas are you wanting treated? Start out with the most important ONE area first!
2. What temporary measures are you presently using to treat these unwanted hairs??
3. If you are tweeting/waxing hairs, then how often? Daily, twice weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc?
4. If they have never been tweezed or waxed, are you bleaching? How often?
5. If you are trimming or shaving, please refrain 2-3 days before a treatment!
6 . If you are tweezing, then how many hairs are you removing at each interval? Guesstimate! If you are removing 10-30 hairs, then we should be able to treat the area with a seven-minute electrolysis appointment. If you are having a lip area treated, I never recommend more than a 30-minute appointment at one interval, due to sensitivity. A goatee area that has around 30-100 hairs or more may take a 30-45 minute appointment.
7 . Prioritize a main area that is your number one goal to start out with and branch out as that area of hair diminishes.
8 . After treatment care if imperative! I recommend using either Kree Formula 4 cream ($14) or Tend Skin ($20) to keep down infection.
9 . If your temporary way of dealing with unwanted hair is tweezing or waxing, then you MUST QUIT! Those temporary measures make the hairs get deeper, thicker and coarser! Electrolysis makes the hairs get weaker, thinner, finer and softer until they are gone!
10. If you are not willing to 100% commit to item 9 above, then DO NOT START ELECTROLYSIS BECAUSE IT WILL COMPLETELY UNDO YOUR TREATMENTS!
I hope this pre-treatment guide has been helpful. Carefully make your decision on what course of action you are ready to take!
Laura J. Crawford

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