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The 'Story Behind The Story:'

The 2002 Sunday Style Article ...

It has been a few years since this article appeared and that's the point -- Laura J. Crawford has been at the forefront of hair removal treatments in the Louisville area for a long time.

Brazilian waxes and electrolysis were seen as a new wave in personal grooming when The Courier-Journal featured Laura in this Sunday Style section article in November 2002. But by then, in 2002, Laura had already been in the business for 15 years!

Why not take advantage of one of the most experienced hair removal specialists in the Louisville metro area in an upscale studio inside Brooks & Co. Salon and Spa? The prices are affordable and care second to none.

Key excerpts from the article:

* "Some people want a runway strip, mohawk, round moon, heart,'' said Crawford. "I did one that looked like a Charlie Chaplin mustache."

* Jennifer Endris, an orthopedic nurse at Jewish Hospital, has been enduring the Brazilian wax for three years.
"Sometimes I wish I had a bite stick, but Laura does a lot to make me comfortable,'' said Endris, 36. "She lets me holler and call her whatever names I want because she knows it hurts."

Still, the pain is worth it for some. "It makes you feel feminine, smoother, and I think men like hairless women,'' Endris said.

* Christina Valhouli, a writer in New York City, went on the Internet to detail the experience of getting a Brazilian wax at the J. Sisters International Salon.

"Getting waxed is one of those hidden, female pleasures like wearing trashy lingerie under a business suit,'' she wrote. "It's your little secret that makes you walk around with a smile, and puts an extra swagger in your step."

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